Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Plugs

Pour some soda crystals down each plug then a spray with white vinegar followed by a little zoflora poured around, rinse down with boiling water for a lovely clean finish with a fresh pleasant smell

Get Sinks Sparkling
use some disinfectant spray to stary with and a little water wipe down the excess followed by stainless steel CIF cleaner and a cloth to finish.

Food waste on wooden floors

spray a good degreaser onto the area to be cleaned, then use a toothbrush to clean and a cloth to dry off

Stainless steel hobs
use a cleaning paste such as The Pink Stuff and a microfibrre cloth, leave to dry for a few minutes then clean off with a warm damp clean cloth.

Cleaning the washing machine
clean the draw out with bathroom spray warm water and a brush where required, spray limescale remover into the draw gap.
Pull back the rubber trim and clean using bathroom spray and a brush. To keep this clean dry the seal after every wash with a microfibre.

Streak-free mirrors

use white vinegar spray and a fluffly micro fibre cloth

Mattress stains
A little bi carb of soda on the affected area, rub it in whilst wearing latex cloths, vacumm off after an hour or so.

External bin cleaning

pine smelling disinfectant sprayed into the bin hose it down and use a sepearte dishmatic cloth fully loaded with warm water and washing up liquid to wipe down the outside then the inside, hose it off and leave to dry.

Fresh fridges

empty the fridge completlyuse warm water and washing up liquid to clean the shelves, Use this to wipe down the inside and outside of the fridge, before using cleaning paste to remove marks. Leave the shelves and bottom tray to dry.

Leather sofas
use cheapo leather wipes or Lord Sheraton wipes to clean over your leather sofas